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to our interactive personal data entry form. You can use this page to submit your personal data to
Johannes Grote so he can include them in the Personal Data Page of the German National Merit Foundation Homepage. You can also use this form to change your existing entry on this page.

Just enter the specified values in the fields and submit the data by pressing the SUBMIT-button at the bottom of this page. A page with your data will be generated and displayed in your browser. This sample page will show your data in the way they will appear on the final page. If you realize that you made a mistake you will have the opportunity to start all over again. You may as well use the BACK-button of your browser to keep the values you have already entered and make changes to them. Once you are sure that all the data are correct you can submit them to Johannes Grote. He will review your entry and include it in the Personal Data Page.

You can always cancel your entries and no data will be stored. Please allow 1-2 days for processing of your data.

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